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Crisis and Support Line

We offer a phone service 24/7. Call us any time for information and support . Our trained team of volunteers can advise you on many things over the phone and a follow-up call will be arranged during our office hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Your call is confidential and if you wish you can remain anonymous. The only exception to this is on the grounds of safety! Your safety, your children’s safety, our safety or the safety of any other party.

Advocacy and Support

Our Advocates are trained in many areas and can inform you of your legal rights, your financial rights, and your right to live a lifestyle free of violence and abuse. We have support workers who can help you arrange appointments with Lawyers, Doctors, Police, Work and Income or any other agency that best suits your needs. An Advocate can go with you and help you through, what can sometimes be, a very difficult time. We will work alongside you when ever and wherever you feel you need it. We work for you, walking alongside you to support you in your choices.

If your partner is willing to engage with us, we can also support him/her to make positive changes towards living violence free.

Safe House

Whether on your own or with children we provide Safe House services for women. who would otherwise be homeless, or in danger of harm, due to family violence. Although we are a stand alone organisation we belong to a network of over 40 Refuges, three of which are in Hawkes Bay. If we are full, or if we feel you would be safer in another area, we can refer you to the most appropriate location across the country. In extreme circumstances we can seek assistance to re locate you to another country.

Male Victims

Although we cannot offer Safe House services to male victims of partner abuse we can provide information, advice and support; making referrals to the agency that would best suit your needs.

When calling we will assess your needs with you and discuss criteria.