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Want to Get Involved?

Board Member

The Women’s Refuge was traditionally run as a collective, but in 2013 we moved to a Governance/Management framework. If you have the right skills for Governing an organisation, we would be pleased to have you join us as a member of our society. We will ready you for election to the Board when a vacancy arises or we can utilise your skills on a sub-committee. Leadership is the name of the game.

Crisis and Support Line Advocate

Our Crisis and Support line is available 24/7 and is answered by fully trained Volunteers. Once you have successfully completed the Volunteer Training you will become part of the team that is rostered to do evening (5pm to 9am) or weekend/public holiday days (9am to 5pm).

Safehouse Advocate

We are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help with the day to day running of the Safe House. Are you a DIY person, a cleaner, a gardener or a general all-rounder we can always find things for you to do that match your skill set. After successfully completing the Volunteer Training you can join the roster of fully trained volunteers to help out during normal work hours. If you can dedicate a few hours, give a half day or a full day, once a week, once a month it all helps.

If you would like to volunteer, please see volunteering.